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Build your game

on a Rock Solid



premiere goaltender

development program!!

Current RSG Programs (Arch)

Current RSG Programs (Arch)

2013 5 Day Camp : RSG Advanced Level Program ..


This is a 5 day program that follows a full day summer-camp format. There are 2 ice times per day of 90 minutes duration each day plus hand eye training , off ice fitness training , off ice fitness testing and yoga classes. This group finishes There are 16 goaltenders per group.

 During RSG Advanced training, goaltenders refine their technical skills and take their positional and post-save game to a higher standard. These areas frequently hold the most potential for technical gains. Improving mobility, shot preparation and post-save efficiency leads directly to greater, performance consistency. During this camp, RSG introduces goalies to a more sophisticated approach to their development not only through the technical work but also as they assess both sides of the puck. Teaching goaltenders to read a play effectively improves key read-and-react skills. This program is for goaltenders who are 12 years of age or younger AND have previously attended RSG programming. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH PROGRAM YOUR CHILD SHOULD REGISTER FOR , PLEASE CONTACT ...PETER WHITE

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